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1) The consultation (and all other legal support) is 100% FREE.

– We will be happy to patiently answer all your questions in this difficult situation.

2) You face no risk whatsoever: You don’t pay, if you don’t win.

– We’re in the same boat with you, from start to finish.


IN SUPPORT of victims –

AGAINST big insurance companies

People (and their insurance companies!) will try to convince you that your case has no legitimacy … or, at best, they will offer you a cheap settlement-

Don’t let them intimidate you!

We’ll fight them so you don’t have to. We have defended many victims wronged by other people’s negligence …

and we’ve won millions for them!

(Over $102 Million)

As accident and personal injury attorneys, we have seen countless cases of car accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, slips and falls, wrongful death and many others – and one thing remains crystal clear:

If you have suffered …

– physical injuries

– loss of earnings

– medical expenses

– damages

– disability

– psychological trauma

– or any other form of injustice resulting from others’ negligence…

..we want to help make things right and get you the compensation you deserve!

– The 1st step it to talk with a legal expert –

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We’ve been serving the entire state since 2002

Our large lawyer team is committed to your cause!

-Get the justice you deserve-

Our personal injury lawyers have +18 years of experience…

…and many prizes/awards of high distinction!

Ready to take back control of your life?

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